Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 26th, 2014 - code update

Courtesy of Thalia, we have some updates pertaining to several different things.

+ RELFOLLOWER: re-enabled;  stupid code that crashed us had been beaten into submission.
+ Immortal Restores, Spells DISPEL MAGIC and CANCELLATION::  Now removes zombie effects
+ Raise Corpse: keeps the original profession
+ Legendary Shepard:  Problem with extra/missing HP should be fixed
+ Zombies, Vampires, Skeletons and Ghosts
  - Age has been modified to be closer to what it should be.
  - This has a direct impact to the following skills:
  * VANISH: Impacts mana cost to teleport; impacts how soon can go partially or mostly invisible
  * WAIL:  Impacts how soon can do negative and otherworldly damage in addition to sound
  * Most skills are based on generation;  When age is needed, logic does local calculations;
  * For Bloodline with sun resistance, there is seperate tracker that tracks how much time
    you've been in the sun and what your level of resistance is.
  * Combat:  Impacts counter-attack damage when you are hit with a bash attack
  * Bare-handed fighting & DAMTYPE:  Impacts when dam type negative and otherworld become available.
  * FLESHCARVE: impacts chance of getting flesh & how long it will last
  * FLESHBITE: Impact chance of biting & whether the victim is diseased
  * FEED: Impacts chance of that the food source will become diseased
  * DISEASEBITE:  Impacts which diseases are available and how severe the disease will be

Thalia also clarified some questions players had about age:

Character age starts out at about 17 or 18.  It is updated by adding the
time you've been logged on when you logout. 

Modified race age starts out at 0.  It is updated during the "tick" counts.
If you idle too much or logout just before a "tick", your character may not
get credit for that tick/set of ticks.