Saturday, June 7, 2014

June 7th, 2014 - code update

Thalia posted a handful of updates today:

+ UNREAD:  Daklore'ss wiki added to to the list of Player-supported information sites

  + added GTELL
  + Increased queue from 10 entries to 15

+ SHIELDBASH renamed FORCESHIELD (since its the perm application of FORCE to a shield)

+ Faction-related: should no longer get penalized for killing yourself

+ SKILL and SPELL:  Added color bars to represent knowledge level. 
  Suggestions for improvement welcome.  Im not entirely satisfied.

+ Jail-related: 
  + Jail time will no longer count down if an IMM is visible in the room (talking you
    about the problem that landed you in jail).  There is messaging that indicates
    time is not being counted down.
  + Added room messaging when someone is released from jail.

Couple comments on changes
  + One player had the skill -- his pfile was adjusted for the change
  + One player had the flag on his shield -- his pfile was also adjusted for the change
  + IMM and Notable pfiles were not adjusted.  Can fix them ingame when/if necessary.
- Faction penalty from killing yourself
  There was existing logic to keep you from getting penalized, so most situations were
  not causing faction hits.  I just tightened the code to (hopefully) keep any situation
  from leaking through and causing a faction hit. 
  If you do take a faction hit from "self-neglect", please give me the details of the
  situation -- what caused the death, where were you at, what was the message you got.
  The information is stored under the leader's name.  Change leaders, the RECORD thread
  will be lost.