We try to be relaxed and enjoy our time on KotL, much as the players wish to. However, in order to maintain a community that is as peaceful as possible, we do have several rules that we do expect to be adherence to.

1. Multi-playing is not allowed at KotL. No more then one character is to show up at any one IP. This goes for static IP's as well, unless prior permission has been granted. Without permission, characters can be jailed, deleted, or a ban can be placed on the ip host. Written permission from the IMPS is a MUST. Without it, we have no way of know who has permission or not. Help Multi-playing will explain better 

2. Alts are to be kept separate. That is to say, you are not allowed to trade gear, tokens, or money between your own characters. This also when a person decides to recreate or permanently delete a character in favor of an alt. Gear, tokens, equipment, money, weapons, even food, is not allowed to be given to yourself in any way. It is your choice to recreate, but with recreation comes the act of re-earning your way through the mud.

3. Guessing and telling alts that are not your own to others is strictly frowned upon. People, both immortals and mortals alike, come here to have fun, and play, and it takes away from that environment when people are constantly second guessing who everyone is. Just like it's none of my business who your parents are IRL, it's none of your business who my alts are. This counts even in the instances where a person tells who their alts are. People are allowed to tell who their own alts are. You are not allowed to repeat it to others.

 4. Those who have been here for a while, and those that are new, will occasionally notice that a line is omitted from the OG channel. This is because swearing and cussing is not allowed globally here. We have players as young as 12 and 13, and as old as 40. Again, we come to relax, not hear Eminem's latest and greatest. If you feel the need to curse, do so privately. Rant channel allows for cussing.

5. Harassment of a player or IMM is a big no-no, and therefore, not allowed here at KotL. If a player or staff member asks for you to stop, and you do not desist, then it will be considered harassment. Harassment is dealt with swiftly, and harshly here. This also includes sexual harassment.

 6. Arguing with anyone over open channels is not allowed. If you have a problem with a staff member, then talk with another staff member,  do not challenge the imm over open channels. This is also the same  for mortal characters. Problems should be kept between the right people, not the innocent bystanders.

7. Auto-log in's using your mud client is a no-no here. We expect that if your character is on, you are at your desk playing the character. Please disable your client from automatic login's, and turn the macro's and triggers for auto playing off. If we suspect that a character is running on auto-pilot, we will make certain, before we remove quest tokens, and gear from the character in question. Help Trigger will outline appropriate trigger use.

8. Character swapping between two people is allowed at KotL. However, that character is considered a product of both the people, and is not allowed on at the same time as either of the other characters owned  by either person using the character. It will be considered  multi-playing. To make an example, if Bob and Chuck are two separate  characters that decide to play Sam together, Chuck and Sam, or Bob and Sam would not be allowed on at the same time anymore. Chuck and Bob would still be allowed on at the same time, though.

9. Type quit, do not just drop link to leave the game.

10. Read your notes and news. The rest are optional, but these are two forums that you are responsible for being current on.

11. Power leveling alts and friends alts by handing gear around is no longer allowed. Level with help, fine, but not with stacking alts full of quest and custom gear.

12. Newbie Bashing is STRICTLY prohibited on any channel, private or global. First warning will result in jail.

13. Gear that is renamed and restrung must be kept IC and medieval oriented IF it is to be used regularly. If it is to be used as a joke, or just for fun every now and then, it does not need to be strictly IC. If you have questions about this, ask before doing.

14. Bugs are just that. They are a workaround of the game's rules and using instead of reporting is grounds for jailing.

15. Using any methods to bypass an auto log-off is against the rules. This includes leaving a note in progress. The penalty is losing 1/2 of your tokens.

16. Please do not engage in ANY form of sexual behavior on this game if you are under the age of 18. Both yourself and the person involved will be banned from the game, and guardians and ISPs will be contacted. This is a matter we will NOT take lightly.