Faith is an important part of the Kingdoms of the Lost. There were once twenty gods who helped to create and oversee the world - but treachery among their own lead to the demise of all but the five who now remain.

Athorien - God of Illuminant Justice

Mortals are often tempted with immoral actions. While they have the urgeto perform these on others, none wished to feel them upon themselves. So, the mortals created rules and Athorien instilled the belief in justice in them. The need to right wrongs and punish those who inflict harms againstothers. The followers of Justice attempt to vindicate those not capable of
doing so themselves, occasionally earning the label of vigilante. "Eye for
an Eye, Justice to those who do wrong. Your actions you will be judged for."

Dias - God of Pain and Suffering

Quite simply the purpose of Dias is to bring pain to others. He delights in bodily torment, and he will often not kill a person, so that he might make them suffer longer. His members are generally just as sadistic in their goals. They enjoy their work; though they often claim that what does not kill you makes you stronger. "You are born into life in Pain, you will
leave life in Pain.  All your life, you will know Pain."

Es'trenal - Goddess of Eternal Change

This deity agrees with Kavan'te in that things cannot simply remain as they are forever. She looked at the world and saw people with no purpose. She instilled a need to move on, to try new things. She then saw the world as it was, and placed a hand upon the sphere, spinning it gently. This too brought about change for the people of the lands. "Nothing in life stays the
same, every day brings new Change."

Galr - Goddess of Birth and Rebirth

Creation is not an accident, but it does not follow a set list of rules either. The wind carries leaves and seeds while some areas receive water and some lands thrive on sunlight. Cubs live that seem too much the runt to survive while people and animals migrate to new areas. Creation and destruction work hand in hand, though they are also opposites in nature. Without one, both would flounder. "All things share a common bond, and that is that they are Created."

Sys'kee - Goddess of the Dark Hunt

The Hunt inevitably ends in Death. On the little hunts throughout our lives, the hunt ends with the death of "I want". On the Grand Hunt that IS our life, the Hunt ends with the death of "I". As it is a final end, most creatures fear and are wary of Death, but as Sys'kee says, "Fear not, for we all must experience Death, it is just a matter of when."