Kingdoms arose and many fell over the passage of time. Years passed, and several of the kingdoms became the mainstays of the realm. Sometimes ruler ship passed from generation to generation; sometimes a greater power or event would expand a persons reign indefinitely. The inhabitants of these kingdoms argue, war and constantly make life more difficult on one another, with no end in sight. Alliances are made and broken, just as conflict is often started and only resolved with victory.

Active Kingdoms:


Land of the clouds, this kingdom floats high above the land. The ancient wars drove many of the winged creatures up here to the clouds, which have been magically enabled to bear the weight and movement of the society above. The law of the land dictates you must be able to fly around up here to reside here, else you are an outcast. This area has perfect weather, since it resides about the raging elements below. The only real changes that take place are magically cast. Leadership is democratic, picked through a vote of elder council.
  • Calararian's Questor gives Crystal Quest Tokens
  • Calararian's King is Tsythor
Survival of the fittest is the motto of this land. Warlike, savage and often cruel, the people here have held their kingdom for many generations. Ownership of the kingdom belongs to the mightiest warrior. If a king accepts a challenge offered to him, then he and the challenger duel to the death, winner claiming the kingdom. Vast landscapes, mostly made of mountains and plains, the people here are a tough breed acclimated to the elements. The castle is kept within the main city, surrounded by gates and enforced by a sizable army.
  • Klevnone's Questor uses Ruby Quest Tokens
  • Klevnone's King is Enthor

This land is a simple one, and long ago beautiful. Since then it seems one disaster after another has befallen the Cyn bloodline, and this kingdom they have established. The lands began to rot from within, much of the land becoming swamp over the years. Several curses were known to fall upon areas as well. Even the undead are said to walk in some places. Yet through it all, the Cyn bloodline persevered and shaped it. The castle is large and stands erect in the city, which is also called Mesilena. Dark times come over good people here, and have had a way of altering some of them. Ruler ship has always been passed down through the bloodlines, though a unanimous council vote could remove the ruler, if they all also have a replacement in mind as well. It would be very tough to overthrow a leader except by force.
  • Mesilena's Questor uses Onyx Quest Tokens
  • Mesilena's King is Sye
This is a land of nature, where trees and forestry make up most of the landscape. A dark pall had once fallen over the heard of the woods, though, corrupting the natural beauty of the land. The people of the woods are reclusive by nature, seldom venturing out into the rest of the world without good reason. The people here have a tendency to make themselves scarcely seen, hiding their homes in the treetop and camouflaging themselves as much as possible. A kind-hearted people, they are usually lead by popular consent, the ruler staying as such as long as the majority feels he should.
  • Murkwood's Questor uses Emerald Quest Tokens
  • Murkwood's Queen is Melira

A Neutral Land:

This kingdom is not one of much dominance in the land and acts as a gateway to the other kingdoms of the land. Very little is known about the kingdom. What is known, is that after being banished or when they leave from the other lands, people often join the ranks of Tolin. Old stories have told of Tolin once being magnificent and a true kingdom that people could call home. But what happened to it, nobody knows. 
  • Tolin's Questor uses Topaz Quest Tokens
  • Tolin is a lawless state forever without leadership

Inactive Kingdoms:


Once known as a kingdom that protected the common folk, their swords were put toward arcane magic users. This led to war with kingdoms such as Mesilena who used magic heavily at one time. Armengar was home to a dark secret that its own people never fully understood. Those walking the streets were unable to use arcane magic in the capital city due to powerful runes that had been found below the earth where Vor'kal was built. Those runes however, were a sign of an age long past and it slowly corrupted the soil over the generations and something much worse than magic was the result as zombies rose from their graves and forced the people to flee their large and once proud city

  • Armengar's Questor gives Sapphire Quest Tokens

A land far to the south where the dark of Mesilena or the hard winds of Klevnone are nothing compared to the almost eternally chilly winter of Lapis. A proud mix of faith and combat prowess defined its people for many years. Some still dare to inhabit these difficult lands, often seeking and guarding the dark secrets of the land.
  • Lapis' Questor uses Turquoise Quest Tokens

The northern tip of Volain was once home to a beautiful oasis amidst a dry and spanning desert. Tozain cherished creative thinking and ages old magic as their people avoided the wars that plagued their neighbors much further to the south. Terrible storms and sweeping sands have buried most of the buildings and with it, the culture and its people. For those who still venture far enough north however, the ruins can be found as well as adventures for those enterprising enough to take advantage of them.
  • Tozain's Questor uses Amethyst Quest Tokens