About KotL

Welcome to a world of imagination and role-play. Kingdoms of the Lost (KotL) is a role-play encouraged MUD, featuring over 100 completely original areas. The vast landscape brings to you the continent of Olerax, and the divided kingdoms of the land. Barbarian, undead, sky people, woodsman and more make up the colorful kingdoms, and any one may be selected upon creation.

KotL provides a location where fun is the essential element. While the theme is a mature one, we provide a welcome environment to players of all ages. Swords and sorcery fare is the backdrop of the game. Our immortals are dedicated to bringing new improvements to the game.

Features include are: Multiple auto-quest locations. Easy and detailed character creation. Tier system that develops classes over 200 levels. An evolution system to strengthen your race. Stats grow through use, not from a trainer. Mana pools that vary by class. Custom weapons and armor. Player kill is an option, but not required. Role-playing Experience earned by interacting with other players. Multiple religions different religions. Gems and moxes that can be socketed into equipment. Runic equipment that gains levels with you. Details: Scars, clothing to cover them and physical characteristics that others can actually see. We have been customizing our code for over a decade now!

We have been running Kingdoms of the Lost since August of 2000 with the same owners and much of the same staff during that time. We like to think we foster a mature atmosphere (though being playful is certainly important) where people can come to relax and get away from 'the real world' for a period of time.

There are many options out there now for gamers, and we thank you for considering ours. While graphical MMO's such as World of Warcraft or Guildwars certainly have their place, nothing matches the freedom of text when trying to foster your own story and develop a character the way you imagine it. Some come join us at Kingdoms of the Lost and let your imagination run wild!