Friday, May 9, 2014

May 2014 code update

We have plenty of new updates in this latest release. Let's take a look at them.

Player Commands
+ If your character is moved to Limbo (idle out), your characterstatus is set to AFK

+ ALCHSEARCH:  changed success to be based on how often you've searched recently

+ AUTOWIMPY:  no longer usable by bloodsworn
  (wimpy doesnt work for BS anyway, no reason they need to be able to use auto wimpy)

+ RECALL: New options
  - RECALL RELIGION  100 RPEXP to recall to your temple
  - RECALL HEALER    35 home town tokens to recall to your kingdoms healer

+ CUSTOMCOST: new command to show and change your option for custom cost

  CUSTOMCOST               - Show current options and cost structure
  CUSTOMCOST OLD <confirm> - Change to old cost structure
  CUSTOMCOST NEW <confirm> - Change to new cost structure

+ CUSTOM NEW <armor | weapon>:  Updated to use your selected cost structure

+ CUSTOM REDEEM <object>:  Updated to redeem custom item based on your current cost structure

+ Fire Arrows, & Ice Arrows no longer continue to kill someone who is already dead.
+ THROW <potion> allows throwing an attack potion

+ FLESHCARVE  timer changed from min of 1 to min of 3

Mob Related
+  Create mobs:  Default dam type for mobs level > 50, changed to random from all possible
+  Undead mobs:  no longer generate ghosts

Legendary Messaging
+ Bunch of room messaging missing parameter for it to actually message
+ Revised some messaging

+ NOTE load:  RP post length 14 > 31, Story 28 > 45