Friday, August 23, 2013

Release update August 2013

Thalia has a release update for us.

+ Tozain Bonus:  was only working in "field" sectors, but was supposed to work in sectors that were
  not forest, field, jungle or desert. fixed.
+ Correct damage modification for Serenity and Presence to actually calculate up to 10% (instead of
  down to 0%)
+ SURRENDER:  Added a "safe" time following a surrender
+ AUTOWIMPY:  New Command.  If set, will attempt to keep your wimpy value set to 20% of your
  max HitPoints
+ PROMPT:  Added %hw to display current wimpy value
Misc.  Player commands

+ VANISH:  must be standing to move using Vanish
+ GIVE: Fixed some messaging related to giving an owned item.
+ Magic-generated torches:  Added a timer to created torches so they will get picked up by
  the janitor
+ BEWITCHING gaze:  On affect that tracks whether bewitching gaze has been used on a target, set the
  affect level to bewitcher's level.  This will make the affect, more effective. (e.g., it'll make
  it harder to to bewitch the target.)
+ CONFIRM: Added "clear" option (in case you don't want to become a zombie or skeleton)
For Builders
+ OEDIT SHOW: reformated and updated a bit
+ MEDIT CREATE: Default hit dice to 1
+ RESETS:  Added message to remind that "inventory" location is actually set as location "none"