Friday, March 1, 2013

March 2013 Updates

We have a list of code updates from Thalia from March of 2013.

  - Dias's Temple (created by Daklore!)
  - Armengar & Northeast Olerax (updated by Psaro)
    note: Recall and Healer for Armengar has changed

General System

+ Disconnects due to service interruptions will reclaim items & save character

+ Color Strip: strips more (all?) colors

+ Punctuation Strip: created logic to strip punctuation from a string

+ Character Creation: 
  - First & Last Names: limited to 15 characters with no punctuation or color commands
  - Initial kingdom will be randomly selected from the available options

+ Skill learning:  Max Learn for augments really set at 99 (hopefully)

+ MOVE: messed with the flies/leave/crawls/et al messaging a bit.

Character modification

+ RACEMORPH: Added info on allowed races




+ Owned Items:  Partially added back the ability hold other people's owned items.  
  The intent is to allow application of shield flags, tinker & etch modifications,
  but not allow use or abuse of the item. 
  A non-owner should not be able to wear, wield, socket, custom modify, redeem,
  addsocket/fillsocket/emptysocket, sell,   sac, claim, unclaim, gift, drop, or
  get it.  They also should not be able to give or deliver it to other than owner.
+ MOXSHATTER: block shattering of Opal and Zarguns; correct gem count

+ RESTRING: improved logic for plushie and egg detection

+ Alchemy
  - Added items for sectors: Beach, Tundra, Cave, Air, Swim,
  - Added some new affects
  - Added keyword: 'alchemy' to all alchemy components

+ Enter: Entering a PORTAL to nowhere should no longer crash the game.

+ Runestones:
  - Zombiebane, Ghostbane, Skeletonbane, Vampirebane
  - Personal Banking: Can DEPOSIT from where ever you are
  - Dispel Magic: In combat, Chance to have dispel cast against target
  - Turnabout: Allows undead to use TURN against the living
  - Good Packer: Increases carrying capacity by 50%
  - Repel Magic: Chance to repel a spell


+ New characters (Tier 1 & less than or equal to level 10):  Instead of being killed,
  mortally wounded or incapacitated, will just be stunned.  see HELP DEATH. 
  At tier1-level11 & above, normal death occurs.

+ Keep "Aggressive Attacker" from being flagged multiple times as an "Aggressive Attacker"

  - Can be used against any undead;  Undead with Turnabout runestone can use it
    against the living.
  - When used against a Vampire in Changeform can knock the vampire back to normal form
  - If used by a priest character or someone in lector rank or higher will force
    target to attempt to flee -- including bloodsworn

+ Arena: Combatants can no longer bet on their opponents

Skills & Spells

+ Magic spells:  corrected spelling of success (In a gazillion places)

  - added flag to indicate what spells are memorized;
  - corrected display of mana requirements

+ Ferment of Resistance: Changed dice roll to add more variation to the resist value
  within the same min/max range

+ magic based pets/charmies: should now inherit ALL the stats of their master
  (instead of just the first 5 stats)

+ Mana improvement spells/affects:  Should now really improve player mana

+ ID Runespell: Now indicates what class can use the runestone

  - REPLENISHING: to curates
  - Change Affedts: Added tracking of what chant added an affect
  - Remove stacking of affects; If multiple chants give similar affects, you should
    see each one separately

Information commands

+ AFFECT: includes info about the chant used to create an affect

+ HELP: Should now handle keywords with 3 or more pieces

  - Charisma: Standardized text
  - Zombies: Added modifications
  - AUTOEXIT logic: Added (yes, it didn't exist before.  if you have auto exit
    turned off, you can still use the EXIT command to see exits.

+ SHOWCLASS: now usable when dead

+ UNREAD: added Facebook page

+ WARSTATUS: now includes difference between won & lost pts and the min pts needed to win the war

  - GROUP: set lower limit to 1
  - Modification to IMP/IMM levels/flagging